Find Your Lost Pet

If You’ve Lost Your Pet…

Check all the shelters in this region.

Shelter Website Phone
Sonoma County Animal Services
City of Santa Rosa, Town of Windsor, unincorporated Sonoma County (707) 565-7100
Sonoma Humane Society
City of Sebastopol (707) 542-0882
Petaluma Animal Services
City of Petaluma (707) 778-4396
Rohnert Park Animal Shelter
City of Rohnert Park, City of Cotati (707) 584-1582
Pets Lifeline
City of Sonoma (707) 996-4577

Review the “found pet” and deceased animal reports at the shelters.

Post signs around your neighborhood and at local veterinary hospitals. If possible, include a color picture of your pet as well as detailed description, lost date and location.

Place an ad in the Press Democrat (707) 546-7355, your local newspaper and post on Craigslist.

Check ads in newspapers, shelter websites and on-line found pet ads daily.

Canvas a three-block radius from your home (cover much more area if your pet is unaltered or frightened) and talk to your neighbors. Someone may have some helpful information about your lost pet.

Check with all local veterinarians to see if any injured stray animals fitting your pet’s description have been brought in, or if someone has posted a found animal flyer there.

If you’ve lost your cat, remember that she is a nocturnal animal, so try searching later in the day when she’s more likely to be awake.

Most importantly, keep actively searching for your pet. Animals turn up at shelters weeks, and sometimes months, after they’ve been lost. Likewise, finders will sometimes not report a wandering animal to us until weeks after it first appeared in their neighborhood.